when you need more than your bed

she’s piled her toys around her and is using her stuffed sloth as a pillow. last night, she slept on top of her giant tennis ball.


saying goodbye

our precious jiggy will be headed to doggie heaven tonight and our hearts are so extremely heavy. he’s been with us since february of 2004… since the doodlebug was 2. they grew up together. this will likely be harder on her than we will ever understand. we are worried about happy. she has come to love jiggy during her time with us. your prayers are covered.

post-bath exhaustion

today was monumental!  approximately 1 year and 2 months ago, we gave this girl a bath. it was tough. she hated it. she hated us. she even hated the cookie afterwards. today she jumped in the tub all by herself and enjoyed her bath!  what an amazing transformation!!!  obviously, that made for a very hard day!!!

oh! ┬ádid i hear a crumb drop?

she was waiting ever-so patiently as we were enjoying dinner on the patio. not a peep, not a bat of an eyelash, not a whimper, no circling around the table, no slobbering, not even a pouty look. then, the minute the doodlebug dropped a potato chip (on the table), this head popped up. she was absolutely expecting that morsel to be given to her!!