one year ago…

one year ago today, happy (previously called “adele”) came home with us. what an incredible year we have shared!  as we look over this blog, we are transported back to those first few months… you came home, daddy had a planned surgery, and i had an unexpected emergent surgery. her precious spirit helped us to not fall into depression as we recovered. she “learned” us as we “learned” her.  

after we recovered, we were able to focus on teaching happy “manners” and found she loves to learn and loves to please!  to date, she’s learned all of the following commands: come, sit, down, turn, shake, house, hurry, up, wait, cookie, no (this is still very “selectively” heard) and out. we are working on “roll over”, “play dead” and “stay”.  yes, i am still naïve enough to believe she will master “stay”!  

we experienced the loss of hoover as a family and we grew even closer. i cannot imagine what year two will hold for our family and i am very exited to begin our 2nd year with happy! 


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