what we’ve learned in one night 

klaus (who seems to not know his name) might have a bit of a “vacuum” issue. at 4:01 kevin and i awoke to the familiar pre-puking heave. as we fly out of bed (too late), i start working on the floor while kevin takes him out. i quickly realize he’s thrown up an entire pair of socks!  i believe he ate them some time ago as they do not belong to us. based on the knowledge from his previous human (he likes to eat metal things), we have decided he needs a vacuum name. we are currently considering “dyson” and “hoover”, leaning toward hoover. 


2 thoughts on “what we’ve learned in one night 

  1. Goodness…

    If I knew he ate a pair of socks, he would have been at the vet. I thought he wasn’t feeling well because he ate some acorns.


    1. It’s ok! I figured he didn’t eat well that night due to the change. He’s doing great! He’s learned to heel, sit, wait, lie down, shake hands and give. I will work on “turn around” next. He and Happy spend the days playing their hearts out!


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