lazy, lazy, lazy

no one wanted to get up this morning


2 thoughts on “lazy, lazy, lazy

  1. Oh no!!! What a shock!! I just read about the fight and about Happy coming into season……….we surely would have spayed her if we thought she was intact………..Sending prayers for Buddy’s complete recovery. I wonder if a hormonal thing was going on with Happy when the attack occurred. I do so hope that everyone is feeling better; I can imagine that it was terribly unsettling for everyone. That said, I am so pleased that Happy is in such responsible hands where she is both cared for and loved……….hugs to all, cheryl


    1. Buddy is recovering just fine and happy is doing great, also! Our instructions from the vet were to “keep her calm for 4 days”… Yeah, right! We love her and she has settled in wonderfully! She’s learned the following commands: wait, sit, down, shake, turn and stand. I am exploring the possibility of trying agility with her. We shall see!!!


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