mail check

happy wants to know what came in the mail. i think she was very disappointed that it wasn’t from barkbox, petco, petsmart, etc.  i also think she was mortified when I told her there was nothing in the mail for her. poor happy… it’s such tough job to be her!


2 thoughts on “mail check

  1. Airedales love to tear open UPS & FedEx packages when you aren’t looking (or home). My Airedale – Anthony – once “opened” a package and ate 2/3 of a round of English Stilton cheese. And then there was the Christmas that he tore open a box and shredded a cardigan I had ordered as a gift. Life with an Airedale is full of comedic antics. #lovedthatairedale #happylooksjustlikeanthony
    P.S. Oliver says Hi to Jiggy!


    1. Hi sweet Ruth! We are learning more and more about the Airedale traits! She went on her first neighborhood walk tonight and we had to take the “no can” with us so we weren’t pulled 3 miles down the road! I can’t wait for more adventures with happy! Nice to hear from you and Jiggy says Hi back to Oliver!!!!


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