a visit from kobi

happy loves jiggy and jiggy loves happy. however, jiggy is 11+ years old and we estimate happy is two, or so.  jiggy and happy play well together, but jiggy gives out after 10-15 minutes.

enter kobi.  mammie and poppy rescued a standard poodle about 3 years ago. kobi is 4 years old and I believe he and happy adore each other!  happy and kobi play the exact same way… they chase each other, growl, nip at each other (softly), play tug-of-war, play keep away and jump up and “box” each other!  and, they easily play for 30 minutes or more!  they are adorable to watch!
we are keeping kobi for mammie & poppy this weekend… it’s been a fun weekend!  

a rare shot of all three of them together!  


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