the beginning

our standard poodle, jiggy, is aging gracefully and we started the arduous task of rescuing another fur-baby… this is our adventure as she merges with our family!
this was our first look at happy (when she was still named “adele”). yeah… we melted when we saw those eyes, too!
we were told she had been surrendered because she was known to be “vicious” with other dogs. cheryl, our precious new friend that works with texas airedale rescue team, called and said she didn’t know if this was true. i boldly suggested we make the 3 1/2 drive to georgetown and see if she and jiggy would get along. she agreed and we made the trip!
she behaved beautifully and jiggy seemed to like her, too! the minute we left her at the kennel, we all knew she needed to come home with us! cheryl called a few hours later and asked what we thought and we told her we were in love!
we had to wait another week as “adele” was due to get spayed that thursday. fast-forward to that thursday and they found a scar on her belly so they assume she had previously been spayed (could have been a previous hernia repair, but only time will tell). we were given the go ahead to pick her up!
so, on monday, march 7, after a weekend “jaunt” to roswell, new mexico, I drove back to georgetown to pick her up! my parents were visiting so my dear dad made the trip with me. she was excited to see us and jumped right up in the backseat and we headed home. the picture below was taken while we were filling up in lampasas!



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